How to overcome a hangover after the holidays. Three easy ways

How to overcome a hangover after the holidays. Three easy ways


Get rid of headaches without the pills.

To overcome a hangover after a long Christmas and new year holidays will help a few simple tips. It is reported by CNN.

Disruptions in the body after the man drank too much, have something in common with the exhaustion that athletes get after extreme loads. Therefore, journalists have collected a few key tips from physically active people who make you feel better after a long drinking marathon.

Drink plenty of water

Alcohol inhibits the natural production of antidiuretic hormone vasopressin, which normally keeps us from excessive urination. Without this hormone, our body dehydrates quickly.

The biggest problem with dehydration is not only fluid loss, but a significant amount of electrolytes that go with it. Electrolytes are essential for the nutrition of our body, the muscle, in particular cardiac, and nervous organs throughout the body. Although a sports drink may seem a good idea to restore power during a hangover, the extra consumption of sugar, calories and additives will not be good for you. So the drinkers for the holidays are advised to take plenty of water with a content of electrolytes and to drink a bottle or two in between alcoholic drinks.

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Eat the right foods

To feel better after a stormy party is important and the use of potassium. Bananas are one of the best options of food rich in potassium during a hangover, because they have a mild taste and smooth consistency, which does not increase the feeling of nausea.

If you’re a fan of avocado, they have even more potassium than in bananas or melon. So avocado toast on the morning after new year’s eve is a great idea.


Not all exercises are suitable for hangovers, but some of the restorative techniques can be equally effective for athletes and for fans to drink too much. So, some exercises will help to increase fluid circulation and improve the blood circulation to the brain and extremities.

Experts advise to lie on the floor on your back and legs to attach directly to the wall or put knees bent on a chair so they were above the level of the heart. Under the head you can put a pillow.

Elevation of the legs above the heart promotes venous flow and reduces edema in the legs. It is also very relaxing and relieves stress with feet. The pose should be held for 10 or more deep breaths.

It should also be sitting or standing a little hunched, head hanging between his legs and hands. The position of the head below the level of the heart allows oxygen to get into the brain and reduce the pressure in the head, which leads to pain. In this position it is to make about five deep breaths. The noise in my head may start to increase due to the influx of blood to the head, but a moment later you should feel better. It should be noted that exercise may not work for everybody, so do not torture yourself, if you feel bad.

Earlier, scientists have found that drinking dry red wine can help keep weight or even lose weight during the new year holidays. The researchers claim that this alcoholic beverage contains a large amount of the substance resveratrol, which helps burn calories and turn white adipose tissue into beneficial brown fat tissue.