Savchenko has published the lists of prisoners detained Ukrainians and the separatists

Savchenko has published the lists of prisoners detained Ukrainians and the separatists


The MP also described the classic method of exchange in three stages, which is well proved in many countries during wars.

The people’s Deputy Nadezhda Savchenko, who has been negotiating with representatives of ORDO, published lists of prisoners and missing persons.

The relevant documents it published today, January 10 on his page in Facebook.

According to her, these lists were made during the nine months.

“In these lists, we collected nine months after my return, already can be inaccurate. Someone could exchange so that no one knew of whom may be inaccurate or incomplete data,” – said Savchenko.

The MP noted that now that the exchange is “all for all”, it is not necessary to invent anything new. According to her, the classic method of exchange in three stages proved itself in many countries during wars.

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“The first step: exchange on the list, which confirms each party from its side held prisoners. The second stage: of those who remained in the lists sought in the hidden prisons and the basements, one and the other side, all the prisoners that remained alive. Step three: all of whom could not find recognized dead or missing,” wrote Savchenko.

It is also noted that after three rounds begins work on the search of graves, the exhumation, identification and reburial of the victims.

Savchenko described two categories of exchange.

“The first category is our prisoners, who are occupied, Russia, the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine. The Ukrainian side is asked to 129 people. The opposite side confirms 42. Even Ukraine wanted 494 missing. They are proportional to the exchange of prisoners in Ukraine according to lists that zaprashivat the representatives of the occupied by Russia territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine. From “DNR” in the list of 524 people, and from “LC” 377 people. Some people from these lists, the Ukrainian side also confirmed that around 256, ” – wrote the Deputy.

Thus, according to the calculations of experts, the first phase of the exchange, confirmed by people from both sides – 42 256.

It is noted that the second category of exchange is Ukrainian political prisoners held in Russian prisons and Russian-occupied Crimea. Now is a 44 in exchange for 102.

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“In Ukraine, in prisons there are also Russian citizens serving sentences for crimes committed against the territorial integrity of Ukraine and against the Ukrainian people in the period from 2014 to 2016. They are currently 102 people “, she added.

The second stage: finding people with unconfirmed lists. In the lists it is evident that the leaders of the “DNR” and “LNR” in their lists of people filed a lot of Russian: 47 Russians in the list from the “DNR” (marked in orange) and 4 Russians in the lists of the “LC “(they are highlighted in yellow).

According to the MP, the militants did so to hide the presence of Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine issuing them for separatists and to barter them giving Ukrainian political prisoners from Russia and Russia-occupied Crimea.

“Therefore, I propose to replace the tired, three years of fruitless work, the Minsk negotiators on a fresh, more professional, which will give the result! But intelligence agencies could be so wrong !? Because you have to be pretty lazy to work or they may not have professional staff! Therefore, if we believe that our services protect us honestly, then the question is: how do three years, those exchanges happen?! In the blind! Or close your eyes only the Ukrainian people, and behind closed doors are their arrangements? “–said Savchenko.

Savchenko added that these lists collected over nine months after its return can be inaccurate.

“Someone could exchange so that nobody knew, someone may not be accurate or complete data,” – wrote the MP.