“Eat me.” In Los Angeles held a crazy sex party with alluring beauties

In Los Angeles, in USA, there was a crazy sex partywith lots of young and hot women.

Among the crowd was particularly large models, Actresses and young professionals from other industries, reports the New York Post. Many guests were in the sexy lingerie that was pleasing to the eye of older men-in tuxedos.

It is noted that some guests were pleased present overt behavior. For example, young blonde crawling on the carpet in a revealing red lace lingerie at the time, as others the clothes were the inscriptions “Eat me” or “Touch me.”

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Parties usually happen in Los Angeles, though sometimes in new York. Here the rich and influential people can realize your wildest fantasies into reality.

Single men pay for the party of $ 1850, and $ 1,500 in the case that they come with a female partner. Erotic elite there is an annual membership for $ 75 thousand. However, a high membership level is currently limited to only 11 men and one woman.

“Some of them married guys who just want to know how to better satisfy a partner. They don’t get this kind of thing in other places,” said the party planner.

Women, in turn, pass to the event is free, but before that send their photos. In addition, during a party is forbidden to use mobile phones and leave them at the entrance to the house.

Earlier, some visitors mad party Australian magnate Travers Banana was in the hospital with severe alcohol and drug intoxication. They came to the aid of seven ambulances.