Space rates. Is it possible to cut the apartment from heating to install the stove

Ukrainians owe for housing and utilities, a record sum of UAH 20 billion. Such data – at the beginning of 2017. This is not surprising, as 76% of Ukrainian families during the last year were below the poverty line. However, officials believe the Ukrainians simply malicious defaulters, and therefore intimidating them by open registries of debtors and fines.

This is stated in the plot of the program “Groshi”.

Many residents received invoices for heating with the cosmic figures, which even exceed family income, and account for 5-12 thousand.

And in some high-rise buildings in Kiev came all bills with different amounts for the apartments, which are the same size. For example, for a two-bedroom apartment in the same area of 75.6 sq. m residents sent a receipt for the amount of 5.4 thousand UAH thousand UAH 5,7 and 6,3 thousand UAH. Besides the inhabitants complain of cold in homes – only 14 degrees Celsius. In “Kyivenergo” just shrug and really did not explain to residents why different amounts in the payment.

Seek the truth and explanations to the service providers is simply unrealistic. Collectively, lawyers are advised to apply in writing to the service providers, demanding explanations and the forming of a special Commission to investigate and resolve problems, as well as in court.

The official website of “Kyivenergo” explains large amounts of the payment came due to the fact that the company changed the date of the readings from the meters. That is, the receipts for December were a few days of November. But as it explains the different accounts in the same apartments of a house – is not clear. Meanwhile, the people of Kiev are simply boycotting the energy magnate and refuse to pay such amounts – debt capital consumers for heat exceeded 3 billion 839,2 million.

Meanwhile, the people of Kiev are looking for ways to save – stop the heating when the system is heat meter or taken to the apartments of the tenants.

Bills with three zeros only heat brought Ukrainians to the next point of despair. People already rent the apartment only for communal and even entire offices and warehouses. What is called – not in the negative. The Internet is full of just such ads.

Journalists of the program “Groshi” decided to conduct an experiment offered to install the stoves in the apartments to heat the property with wood. Also a fictional company, supposedly, was to take on legal red tape to disconnect from the Central heating to install in your house stove. Three days of the experiment was 73 call for installing the stoves in the apartment, another 14 calls for disabling home.

“This right (to unsubscribe from the Central heating), which exists only formally. And if we return to the moments of the approvals, any new connection own heating starts with the right to disconnect from a shared heating network. And it provides just the right service provider. With the service provider you sue for a very long time”, – said the lawyer Yaroslav Kuts.

At the same time, if the apartment owners are not always able to legally abandon the Central heating, the whole house can.

“Groshi” sent a request “Kyivenergo” with the request to explain the nature of such inflated payslips and confusion with the counters, but to talk about it on camera nobody wanted. Probably offended that the journalists went to all the chiefs of the company. So, where you live and how much to pay for communal those who warmed Kiev and “heated” Kiev, see story at this link.