“A winding and bloody trail of action naturally interrupted”: the defense Ministry confirmed the death of “Givi”

The defense Ministry confirmed information about the elimination of the militants “Givi” in the Donbass.

This was stated by the speaker of the Ministry of defence on ATO Col.

“This morning, in Makeyevka was killed Mikhail Tolstoy, nicknamed “Givi”, a so – called Colonel of the Russian occupation troops, the leader of a band of “Somalia,” he said.

According to Motuzyanik, action since the spring of 2014 participated actively in the fighting against Ukrainian troops and made a quick career, becoming one of the so-called public relations-heroes of the militants and Russian propaganda.

“Evil fame and rewards from the occupation administration he got, stain his hands with blood of Ukrainians. The conscience of “Givi” – the shelling of cities and villages with heavy weapons, mistreatment of prisoners Ukrainian military, brutal treatment of civilians, the looting and other war crimes,” – said the representative of the Ministry of defense.

Separately, he said that recently gang “Somalia” has undergone heavy losses due to “numerous adventurous and senseless attacks of the Ukrainian positions near Avdeevka – the same as in the Donetsk airport in autumn 2014”.

“So, Mikhail Tolstykh had many enemies and detractors, and today many months of tortuous and bloody path of natural action was interrupted”, – summed up Motuzyanik.

Earlier, the Kremlin declared non-participation of the Russian side to the murder Thriller “Givi”.

“We unequivocally deny the accusations against Russia about possible involvement. This can not be considered. It is obvious that we are talking about the attempt to destabilize the situation in the Donbass”, – said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.