Zorian – the customer, Shkiryak – performer. As in the Network laugh at a Russian version of the murder Givi

Users of social networks actively laughing for the journalist of the Russian propaganda channel “Russia 24”, which in his story said that in ordering the murder of the leader of the militants Mikhail Tolstykh (Givi) I suspect “two members of the Ukrainian establishment – and Zoryana Shkiryak”.

One of the first fake he reacted to the adviser to the interior Minister Zoryan Shkiryak. He began to joke about the sudden biological changes in the body occurred by using propaganda TV channel “Russia 24”.

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Insanity grows stronger, I advise you to give up. As Yarosh and Shkiryak responded to the fake Russian propaganda

“When you come to us or call immediately narrow down who exactly you are question: Zoryane or Shkiryak? Not to be confused)”, – he wrote.

Other users began to joke, and Zorian Shkiryak – new Bonnie and Clyde, the customer and the contractor and even the whole Ukrainian subversive group.

And Zorian Shkiryak – representatives of the Ukrainian establshment pic.twitter.com/GjH9VRbsQN

the fat and hard work (@vyacheslaugh) February 10, 2017

The night that month, ZORYANA, clear,

Somewhere in the bushes and Shkiryak

— Severe Павловɔьк ǪǪ (@Maped) February 10, 2017

Recall, February 8 the unit commander of fighters of “Somalia” with the Callsign “Givi” was killed in an explosion in his office. A bomb exploded, causing the fire occurred, was discovered the charred body of a fighter. Media militants wrote that the leader of the “Somali” was destroyed with a flame thrower.