Gunmen called their version of the assassination of militants “Givi”

The so-called former “defense Minister DNR” Igor Gunmen singled out the reasons for the murder Thriller Michael Tolstoy , nicknamed “Givi”.

About this he wrote on his page in social network “Vkontakte”.

According to him, the murder was well planned and all the circumstances indicate the presence of supporters among the environment, “Givi”, or in the fields where there was the elimination of militants.

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“Asset protection has been planned very poorly – the Windows were not protected even by the external grid, or grid (which seriously weakened the effect of the explosion), not to mention the domestic protective equipment sandbags, etc. Themselves facing the outer courtyard and was located on a floor accessible to fire from the surrounding territory on top of the fence. All the evidence suggests that attacks on himself in the office “Givi” did not expect, which greatly facilitated the task of the attackers. “, – wrote Shooters.

Also, the ex-Minister of defence of DNR” said that he sees two main versions of the murder Thriller. The first official, according to which the elimination of “Givi” involved in the Ukrainian diversionno-prospecting group.

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“Second – infighting in the “housing” and/or local power-criminal structures (also possible, given the General atmosphere in this “regular army” and the fact that in Donetsk it is difficult to determine where the power, and where crime – they have merged in ecstasy). First, after all, looks in my eyes preferable,” – said the Shooters.

In addition, he argues that political reasons is unlikely, because “Givi” on the independent political roles are not claimed and did not do loud statements.

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“Murder will inevitably further aggravate the situation at the front and just as inevitably will be used to build up the tension and mutual accusations by both parties”, – said the Shooters.


We will remind as it was reported earlier, the militants “Givi” was destroyed on 8 February in his office in the explosion.

Later the Kremlin declared non-participation of the Russian side to the murder Thriller Michael Tolstoy, nicknamed “Givi”. In turn, the so-called Prosecutor’s office of the self-proclaimed DND in the terrorist attack, which killed the commander of the battalion “Somalia” Mikhail Tolstoy, known as “Givi”, accused the Ukrainian diversionno-prospecting group. It was noted that “law enforcement DNR” came to the alleged perpetrators of the attack and are threatening to punish the perpetrators.