Lavrov interprets the neutrality of the OSCE as fatigue “shield” Ukraine

The head of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov said that the OSCE mission remains neutral because “it is no longer possible to “shield” the Ukrainian army and its battalions” in the East.

He said this in an interview with Russian channel NTV.

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So, the question, tried Lavrov personally with Paul Klimkin, foreign Minister of Ukraine to discuss the situation in the Donbas, he replied:

“They continue to blame “blue eye” at all of us in the Donbass, even against the reports of the OSCE SMM, who always tried to be neutral”.

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While Lavrov added: “If OSCE SMM captures the attacks and noted in his reports, the areas where these attacks occur, but does not say directly that it is the Armed forces of Ukraine, even such “neutrality” clearly indicates that the mission understands that it is no longer possible to “shield” the Ukrainian army and the battalions.”

In addition, the Russian foreign Minister said, “Yes, I am not avoiding communicating with Klimkin, however, such appeals to the conscience, I believe, are meaningless because they are on the public front itself, so zagazirovanie that are unlikely “to trulite” back without strong pressure from Western sponsors”.

At the same time, informed the acting head of the U.S. mission to the OSCE Kate Burns said that U.S. sanctions against Russia will not remove, because Moscow still did not stop the aggression against Ukraine and does not comply fully with the Minsk agreement.