Occupied Donbass became the largest buyer of Russian meat and beer

In 2016 Ukraine unexpectedly came in first place for imports of meat and beer from Russia. However, as it turned out, in official Ukrainian statistics the numbers are much smaller than in Russian. Explanation – these products of the Russian Federation carried on the occupied territory of Donbass, bypassing customs checkpoints, which controls Ukraine.

Last year Ukraine was among the largest buyers of many Russian products – from vodka to confectionery products, increased export of milk, which lacks Russia. Beer deliveries for the year increased by half, to 384,6 million liters. Such data results the Federal customs service of the Russian Federation, “Vedomosti”. Meat and offal in 2013-2014 Ukraine in Russia almost did not buy. But in 2016 in the Donbass has delivered 47 thousand 893 tons of this product. The highest dynamics among all importing countries, and now in Ukraine, that is the occupied part of it, according to the Russian customs, accounts for almost 30% of all Russian export of beer and meat. As a result, Ukraine remains the largest buyer of Russian beer for the first time became the largest buyer of Russian meat, pushing into second place Kazakhstan.

At the same time the largest meat producers deny that put him directly in the occupied Donbass. Saying that, most likely, do wholesale customers who buy products and then resell it. To officially acknowledge deliveries to Donbas, the Russian manufacturers are afraid of the sanctions that may be imposed on them by the West.

Meanwhile, for almost a month, the Ukrainian side is blocking the railway. Activists do not miss from the occupied territories to the free part of Ukraine wagons with coal, because of this, the government introduced a state of emergency in the energy sector and scare veeram blackouts.