Poroshenko explained the US and Europe why Ukraine needs defensive weapons

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko declared that counts on the American and European defensive weapons for Ukraine. About it reports Reuters.

According to him, the US and Europe understand that Ukraine needs additional defence weaponry.

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“We are in Ukraine defending Europe against Russian aggression! And we all know that after Ukraine it may be relevant to other countries. In Donetsk, Russia is experiencing the most advanced weapons systems. In the occupied territories is now 700 1 tanks and 250 artillery systems used against Ukraine. You know, I am the President of the world, but here we are talking about the protection of our country and people. To do this, we need defensive weapons. I am convinced that USA and Europe are aware of this,” said the head of state.

Also, according to the Ukrainian President, the responsibility for the fulfillment of the Minsk agreements rests solely with Russia, and the fact that Russia is beginning to recognize the passports of the occupied territories, further evidence of her influence.

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“The reason why the Minsk agreements do not work, has a name – Putin! We in Ukraine did everything for the world, changed the laws, respecting the agreement, but Russia and then kills. Its promises, the Russian government daily,” he said.

Earlier, us Republican Senator John McCain has advised the White house to Donald Trump to provide Ukraine with lethal defensive weapons. Note that this is not the first such request from the Senator. In early February, he asked trump to protect Ukraine from Russian aggression and it is under control of militants in connection with the escalation of the armed conflict in the Donbass.