Ukrainians are more save money and not make large purchases – study

In January 2017, the consumer confidence index in Ukraine amounted to 53.7 points. This is 3.4 less than it was in December. This means that Ukrainians began to save even more money and not spend it on unnecessary purchases and entertainment.

“Significant changes have occurred in the index of reasonability of large purchases and the current status. The current condition index decreased 5.4 points and reached the mark of 48. The index of current personal financial position 40.2, which is 3.1 below. The index of appropriateness of major purchases decreased by 7.8 and established at 55,7”, – stated in the results of the study GfK Ukraine.

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At the same time, Ukrainians are hoping to reduce unemployment in the country, but we are confident in the appreciation of the dollar and the depreciation of the hryvnia.

“In January has improved the expectations of Ukrainians concerning the unemployment situation: the index of expected unemployment dynamics established at 141,8, which is less than in December by 3.4 points. The index of inflation expectations amounted to 189,6, which is 3.3 points higher than in December. Expectations of Ukrainians regarding hryvnia exchange rate in the next three months have deteriorated: the index of devaluation expectations rose by 5.2 points ─ a value of 163, 7”, as GfK Ukraine analysts comment.

Meanwhile, in Ukraine the prices for the products.