Austrian court rules to extradite Firtash in the USA

The Austrian court allowed the appeal of the United States, which want to extradite Ukrainian businessman Dmitry Firtash, the correspondent of TSN.

The trial of a businessman began at 10 am, the decision was made on 15 on the Kiev time. Firtash refused last word.

The judge noted that thus “do not put the mark of the criminal.” The court decided the question of admissibility or inadmissibility of extradition. And already the American investigators will find out whether to call the Ukrainian businessman a criminal. Now, when the court acknowledged the possible extradition, the final decision will be taken by the Federal Minister of justice of Austria.

Note that the meeting of the journalists from filming was not allowed, however members of the press present in the hall. Deputies from the opposition bloc, which usually support Firtash during the trials, didn’t show up today. The event was covered by many Russian media, which Firtash willingly gave comments.

Before the meeting on the question of the correspondent of TSN, what is waiting for the decision, Firtash said, “Fair.”

Recall that the US accuses Firtash that he with the help of bribes totaling $ 18.5 million wanted to get permission to mine titanium in India.

Firtash’s lawyer says that the United States insists on extradition, because not only is interested in these contacts, but also because the claim to all the assets of Firtash, including in Austria. And calls the case politically motivated. Therefore, the protection urged Austrian justice not to do Firtash “hostage of America.”

By TSN correspondent Margarita Sytnik