In Kiev will start the light rail across the Dnieper

Until the end of may this year, Kiev expects to receive a feasibility study of the project “Tram-Train” which will connect the left and right banks of the Dnieper.

This was announced by Deputy Chairman of the Kyiv city state administration Ilya Sagaidak, said on the Agency’s website.

“This project will allow you to connect high-speed message left Bank residential areas and business core of the city, which will significantly reduce the time of transport trips. Estimated in the transport model, the demand for “Tram-Train” is about 240 thousand passengers a day. The total length of the line will be of 37.2 km, of which 14.7 km infrastructure of light rail. The rest – infrastructure Railways”, – said Ilya Sagaidak.

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It is noted that the line “Tram-Train” will include two routes: “Miloslavskaya” – “North” and “Darnitsa” – a “Ring road”. Both will pass through Darnytsia railroad bridge.

For the implementation of the system the “Tram-Train” involves the construction of an adjunction, connect troeschinskogo the speed tram line, with the railroad near the station “Troyeshchyna-2”, the construction of the junction will connect the Bratislava high-speed tram line to a railway in the district of Vozduhoflotsky overpass, the construction of a branching birch, which will allow trains, which move with Troyeshchyna troieschyna, around the station Darnitsa and the construction of the transfer platform “Lybidskaya”.

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By the way, the “Tram-train” is a special rail system with high performance thanks to the possibility of simultaneous operation on tram and railway infrastructure.

Earlier it was reported that at the end of 2017 in Kiev plan to begin construction of the subway in a residential neighborhood Grower, extending the green line from Raw. Build two new stations. According to calculations, the subway will benefit the 60 thousand inhabitants of the Husbandman. Now developing the project of construction of new stations. The work will cost around UAH 5 bn.