The court confirmed the compulsory collecting with “Gazprom” 172 billion hryvnia – AMC

The Russian monopolist “Gazprom” should be forced to pay Ukraine 171 billion 951 million 854 thousand UAH of fines and penalties.

This decision today, February 22, was made by the Kiev economic court of appeal, confirming the decisions of the lower courts. This was announced by the Chairman of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine Yury Terentyev.

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The Antimonopoly Committee in January 2016 imposed on Gazprom the penalty at a rate of 85 billion 965 million 927 thousand UAH, because the Russian company abused a monopoly position in the market of transit of natural gas through main pipelines in the territory of Ukraine. To pay its Gazprom did not want to. AMC filed a lawsuit. Meanwhile, began to grow on the unpaid penalty Gazprom penalty, which eventually grown to the same amount as the fine (above the amount of the penalty, the penalty can not be). So, in essence, the penalty was doubled to nearly 172 billion. Forced to pay this amount, and also to stop violations of “Gazprom” requires the court.

Earlier in the ACU told how to recover from the Russian “Gazprom” 172 billion hryvnias of penalties, if he doesn’t want to pay.