Lock of coal from the Donbass will cause the business Akhmetov $ 30 million loss on a monthly basis

Blocking the supply of coal from the occupied Donbass, which began in late January, will cause the holding “Metinvest” Rinat Akhmetov oligarch loss of almost 30 million dollars a month.

This forecast of investment company Dragon Capital, writes “New time”.

Akhmetov had to stop production at the two companies, which are the main assets of “Metinvest”.

“Overall, we estimate that Metinvest will lose $ 30 million level EBITDA (a financial measure of gross profit of the enterprise) on a monthly basis till the railway blockade continues”, — the experts of Dragon Capital.

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Earlier it was reported that the energy holding DTEK, which belongs to Akhmetov, plans to import from Poland 100 thousand tons of coal until the end of February. DTEK also continues to buy up the entire free volume of coal in the Ukrainian state-owned mines.

Note that Ukraine bought from the occupied territories of Donbass to 9 million tons of coal per year.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman told, how the authorities will solve the issue with the blocking of the coal from the Donbass, and whether the rolling blackouts , the emergency regime in the energy sector, which was introduced on February 17 by at least one month.