A group of “Revival” in the Parliament increased by two MP

Deputies group “Revival” in the Parliament with two MPs.

This was from the rostrum of Parliament declared the first Vice-speaker Irina Gerashchenko.

In the “Revival” included two former representative of the “Will of the people” – elected in Zhytomyr Victor Razvadovsky and Yuriy Shapovalov, who was nominated in the Poltava region.

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The last of the seventh convocation of the Parliament was part of the faction “Party of regions”.

Now the “Revival” consists of 26 MPs and the number equal to “Self-help”, reported the press service of the party. The composition of the fractions of RPL and the “Fatherland” is composed of 20 MPs in a Deputy group “people’s Will” – 19 MPs.

At BPP 140 MPs, popular front, 81 and in the “Opposition bloc” – 43.

We will remind, earlier the Radical party at the Congress decided to exclude from his faction people’s Deputy Andriy Artemenko, which provided the former Advisor to the US President, Michael Flynn offers their “peace plan” in Ukraine, which in particular provides for the surrender of the Crimea is leased by Russia.

In this “peace plan” proposed to take the Crimea is leased by Russia. Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States Valeriy Chaly said that the Ukrainian people’s Deputy Andriy Artemenko not authorized to represent any alternative peace plans , on behalf of Ukraine.

The MP claimed that the representatives of the United States are addressed him.

The Prosecutor’s office of Autonomous Republic of Crimea amounted to a suspicion on the people’s Deputy Andrey Artemenko with article 111 part 1 of the Criminal code of Ukraine – treason.