Militants continue to fire the plant, the city sent a special unit of the police – Abroskin

Sunday, February 26, militants continue to fire down on the plant in the Donbas.

Wrote about this on his page in Facebook the chief of the Department of the National police in the Donetsk region Vyacheslav Abroskin.

“The militants do not stop shelling the town again without electricity. Today once again reinforced for duty was sent to the plant, a special unit of the Central Directorate of the police of the Donetsk region”, – he said.

As noted Abroskin, the task of law enforcement is assisting civilians and having to do everything for their salvation, as well as law enforcement in the city.

In addition, the chief police of the Donetsk region published a photo of consequences of attack by fighters of the city.

“Avdeevka, str]. As a result of attack of fighters of mine fell in the garden,” he added.

We will remind, in the result of night attacks against militants on 25 February Avdeevka remained without light, and also in the city broke out four fires. The water in the city flows by gravity from the reservoir.

In turn, the electricians can start repair power lines due to the risk of being attacked.