“I write a letter of resignation”, – Gontareva

On the morning of Thursday, April 6, to home in Gorenichi, where lives the head of national Bank Valeria Gontareva, came to the activists.

About two dozen girls from the “National body” (“Azov”) picketed the house of Finance with the requirement to close the Ukrainian “daughter” of Russian banks. About it from the event reports the journalist of TSN. Activists drew on the yard fence Gontareva piggy Bank with the Russian flag, and also a graphic symbol of the dollar.

Pid Mayetok Gontareva priïhali activty Neckaches, abi, vinovatye ( vbivstva Ukrainian won on сходіhttps://t.co/iA09fa1z6q pic.twitter.com/0CF516QYz4

— The BASICS (@Polk_Azov) 6 APR 2017

Gontareva out to activists itself – hurry to work.

“This is a question for the President and the Verkhovna Rada. I don’t know (who will be the next head of the national Bank). I write a letter of resignation, and do not appoint anyone in your place”, she said.

She asked if she retires, what Gontareva said angrily: “Yes!”.

“I’m not ashamed to answer for all the reforms that I have made in our country. I’m not ashamed for a minute. So read international experts, if you…,” Gontareva unsaid and sat down in the car.