Ukrainians will raise the subsistence minimum and minimum pension may

On 1 may there will be the first increase in the minimum subsistence level and minimum pensions.

This was announced by Vice Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko, reports Government portal.

“In the State budget of Ukraine for 2017 recorded an increase in subsistence minimum and minimum pension twice a year from 1 may 2017 and 1 December 2017,” he said.

According to him, the living wage for disabled persons (minimum pension) from 1 may will be 1312 UAH and since December 1 – UAH 1373.

“That is for 8 million pensioners, size of pension payments depends on the minimum pension will increase by at least 10%. This is the minimal program of increasing social standards this year, which today already registered”, – said Rozenko.

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Recall that Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman promised a significant increase of pensions since October. The head of government informed that currently 80% of Ukrainian pensioners are living below the poverty line.

March 31, Groisman said that in the case of adoption of the Council’s draft pension reform until July 15, the government will be able to increase pensions from 1 October. According to officials, pension reform should include three criteria: fairness, balanced Pension Fund, and increased pensions.

The new pension reform, according to the head of the government, will allow for 7 years to completely eliminate the deficit of the Pension Fund of 140 billion UAH.