Gontareva resigns. The journey from successful businesswoman to head of the national Bank

The Chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine Valeria Gontareva resigned. This is her official statement, which proseucha today, April 10.

Gontareva said that he has already submitted a letter of resignation to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. Looking to retire may 10. However, if the Verkhovna Rada will take a decision sooner, we will post earlier. Gontareva assured that this year her team will work with the NBU.

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Rumors about the dismissal of Gontareva from the post went the last few months. The head of the NBU, stated that he fulfilled his mission on this post, so you may already quit.

In the national Bank Gontareva has come a successful businesswoman and a millionaire almost three years ago, June 19 2014. She quits after a series of scandals, but the millions on account of her increased. Last year, his official income was $ 57 million, as evidenced by the e-Declaration Gontareva. The salary for last year amounted to 1 million 969 thousand UAH 757. Of this amount, she paid almost 360 thousand UAH of taxes and almost 30 thousand UAH of the military tax. So pure received 1 million 580 thousand UAH per year or an average of 131 thousand UAH 690 per month.

The lion’s share of the income of Gontareva 52 million 572 thousand UAH – for the third tranche from the sale of the shares of the company ICU Holdings Limited (the”Investment Capital Ukraine”). Of this amount, the tax is 9,46 million UAH, the military fee – 788 thousand UAH. We will remind, before Gontareva appointment as Chairman of the national Bank sold its stake (22,74%) at ICU. Now at the end of each year, beginning in 2014, gets a lot of money. The last fifth tranche will arrive in late 2018.

But the biggest scandals Gontareva has arisen due to the total “collapse” of banks, which for the past two and a half years declared insolvent or have eliminated more than 80 is almost half the number that operated in Ukraine three years ago. The biggest shock to the Ukrainians was after the nationalization at the end of December 2016 “PrivatBank”, where at that time served almost half of Ukrainians.

And at a cadence Gontareva the official dollar exchange rate grew by 2.3 times from 11.84 UAH on the day of its appointment until the present almost UAH 27. Also significantly decreased the Ukrainian economy and increased inflation. Of course, “merit” this is not Gontareva, and not the national Bank, and the war in Donbas and annexation of Crimea. Now, Ukraine’s economy has shown a gradual increase, and the rate of inflation decreased.

International experts, in particular the main creditor of Ukraine – the international monetary Fund, pasivno appreciated the activity of the national Bank has allocated Kiev the next tranche of 1 billion US dollars.

Recall that the blow was succeeded as head of the national Bank Stepan Kubiv, who led the NBU in just four months. Then Kubiwa predicted Chairman of the Lviv regional state administration. But in the fall he became Deputy, then President Petro Poroshenko priznajem him to be their representative in Parliament, and in mid-April of 2016 Kubiv entered the government, and became his “right hand” – the first Vice Prime Minister – Minister of economic development and trade.

For the appointment of Gontareva-Chairman of the Board of the national Bank June 19, 2014 was voted by a constitutional majority of the Parliament – 349 people’s deputies, without discussion.

In the national Bank Gontareva came with 20 years of experience in Finance and banking from the post of Chairman of the Board of Directors of group “Investment Capital Ukraine” (the largest player in the market of asset management and bonds trading). Then she was called one of the most respected financiers of the country. At the same time as plus Gontareva, the experts noted her vnematelnost that, they say, will help her to avoid impacts on the post of the head of the national Bank. Although later it became known that the blow – “man” Poroshenko.

Valeria Gontareva two higher education. First she got at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute in 1987, the second – master’s degree in Economics in Kyiv national economic University.

He started his career as a Junior researcher of the Ukrainian centre of standardization and Metrology and design engineer of category 2 of the Institute “Giprostroymost”. Worked as a lead economist at the Ukrainian interbank currency exchange. In a working life Gontareva had a few commercial banks – head of Treasury in the Ukrainian branch of the French Societe Generale, first Deputy and acting Chairman of the Board ING Bank, Chairman of the Supervisory Board “Avant-garde”.

Gontareva entered the top 100 successful business women in Ukraine according to Delo.ua.

She was also involved in structuring financing for business development Corporation Roshen Poroshenko in Russia.