The red Cross operates one-third more for SBU digit missing in ATO

The security service of Ukraine has counted 411 missing people in ATO zone. Look for them come from the Red Cross, where he founded a program for loved ones, these people, according to a story TSN.19:30.

June 2014 wanted Vitali Komissarov, who was returning from work from a restaurant in Slavyansk. “He was without politics – just studied and worked,” says the grandmother of the missing boy. From may of that year, and Vassily Nesterenko – he disappeared in the occupied Kramatorsk city Department of militia where he was going to write a statement about the militants selected the car. The Red Cross confirmed that for 2014 we have the largest number of missing people – both military and civilian.

The mission makes the information requests on both sides of the front line. The red Cross has introduced a special program, which counts 607 cases on missing people, relatives whom contacted the organization. Exactly how many have disappeared in ATO people – yet no one knows, according to experts of the mission. The main directions of search – hospitals in the occupied territory, the hostages, the militias and unidentified dead. Last identificeret DNA relatives, but still remains 214 of the graves of the unknown victims of war.

The TSN reporter Eugene Zvecanska