Sexologists told what are the consequences of Masturbation and what the consequences might be

About this in an interview with the sexologist Natalia Ezhova and urologist Anton Glebov.

According to the doctor-urologist Anton Glebov, young guys who already had sex, but maybe there were some setbacks, or then the long term was not a partner and was self-gratification, is locked.

“We have a center orgasmhuge excitation is its root cause and the possible number of paths, but if we one protopam very well and will put another marks the direction of where to move, to force these neurons to go through the input path is difficult. Will have some time to forget about this way and to tread a new one. Of course, the familiar way, the nerve impulse reaching orgasm will be much easier,” he notes.

Another threat Glebov calls “multimedia”.

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“We have the threat of multimedia, we have a very large accessibility to pornographic photos and videos. When a person is masturbating (male or female), there is a danger to the formation of sexually satiating series. He sees a picture that he becomes familiar, and which he is happy to finally orgasms. And then may be difficulties with the transfer of that sexy background on the already real life. Is looking for a partner that will fit the porn star or the transfer of any perverted forms (something that causes psychological or physical trauma). And then people can not adapt to society, because it can get pleasure only from perverted forms. This is dangerous,” the doctor added.

As noted sexologist Natalia Yezhov, in this case, and completely lost all the romance.

“You’re here pressed the button and all. And fantasy only one. If we talk about the Internet, there is a picture of one girl is completely ochotorena, with perfect makeup, etc. Then the person gets used to one’s imagination, it comes in the real world and it can’t find it,” she said.

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We will remind, the British manufacturer of sex toys Hot Octopuss arranged in the center of new York booth for Masturbation. As reported by Ntw York Daily News, to use it can men, which is connected to the Internet the laptop.

Booth called GuyFi located at the intersection of 28th street and Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Premises, according to the company, to allow men, “working 9 to 5”, to take a little break and “de-stress”.