OSCE observers have recorded the use of “Grad” in the occupied part of Lugansk region

Observers monitoring mission of the OSCE recorded the use of jet systems of volley fire “Grad” in the occupied militants “LNB” part of Lugansk region.

This is stated in the report of the mission on 8 may.

Observers on the night against Monday monitored in the occupied city of kadievka (ex-Petropavlovsk), 50 km to the West from Lugansk. The staff of the OSCE recorded the volley (14 missiles) from the “Castle” at 1-3 km from himself in an unknown direction.

Before that, observers heard explosions 30: six – of uncertain origin, is estimated as 14 shots from the artillery of an unspecified caliber and 10 — as the explosions of artillery shells of unknown caliber. All the explosions happened at 10-13 km West-North-West and North.