The journalists came to the conference Poroshenko in t-shirts with the inscription “Who killed Paul?”

Today, Sunday, may 14, in the Administration of the President going on a long awaited press conference of Petro Poroshenko.

Some journalists wore black t-shirts with the inscription “Who killed Paul?” The representatives of the media reported in social networks.

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At the same time, the journalist Mykhailo Tkach stated that it did not admit to the premises on the territory of presidential administration. He is also wearing a t-shirt “Who killed Paul?” According to him, was a washing not to let journalists with the t-shirts.

Soon one of the journalists asked Poroshenko to comment on the incident.

To which the President replied: “I apologize, I was not aware of it.”

That said, reporters the President Poroshenko about the murder Sheremet can be read here.