Telephone conversation with Putin and a second term presidency, Poroshenko gave the answers

When the war in the Donbass? Whom the President wants to give up a national Bank? And what’s on the phone with Putin? Journalists today, may 14, heard from the President, the answers to these questions.

Its annual press conference announced quite unexpectedly, almost overnight. And adopted by the EU Council bezviz, of course, not the only thing I really wanted to ask the head of state. This is stated in the story TSN.Week.

Year Petro Poroshenko did not go in a circle. Heavy for him that is more than enough. And success with bezveza for journalists only reason to seek answers to other important questions.

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Immediately after the appearance of Poroshenko himself admitted the decision to finally communicate with journalists took it for bizwise. Still, a key achievement over the last time, which in the opinion of the President buried the post-Soviet Ukraine, and opened a new European. When will be free? Unfortunately, the issue of de-occupation of Crimea and decisions of the war in the Donbass this year, journalists for some reason, almost no interest. What is surprising and alarming at the same time.

Only after an hour and a half after the start of communication finally managed to touch the topic of the Minsk agreements. Why still people are dying? Isn’t it time to seek other options to achieve peace? The answer of the President — agreement work.

“We cannot achieve peace only because Putin does not want to implement the Minsk agreements. They allow you to go to court and bring the offender to court. Under the Minsk agreement is signed by Putin. This gives you the opportunity to bring Russia and Putin to justice,” — said Poroshenko.

Will it help resolve the situation in the Donbass, the meeting with the American President, which stated the Minister of foreign Affairs Klimkin, the Head of state did not give a direct answer when and held. For telephone conversations, calls them shiny. No details. The issue of prisoners. Sushchenko, Sentsov, Kolchenko and dozens of prisoners in the occupied territories. Poroshenko says — at every opportunity put and will put the question as a key.

“My last telephone conversation with Putin was only the hostages, among other things, we discussed my request for the immediate release Sushchenko from a Russian prison”, — said the President.

Among the topics of conversation — the controversial film Onishchenko, the construction of roads, the second term of the President, the activities of the SBU reform. Some journalists today in t-shirts with the question — “Who killed Paul.” A year after the murder of a famous journalist, neither customers nor performers could not be found. The film, which was presented to journalists a week ago, I think, gave me more answers than all taken effect. It became known about the former Sbushnik Ustimenko, surveillance cameras recorded the strongman nezadolgo before the tragedy.

“The Chairman of the SBU , which I called, said that Ustimenko fired, I have the same information,” he said.

Affectively from different sides heard questions about the controversial activities of the head of national Bank Valeria Gontareva. Despite the resignation, she on duty before the summer for sure. The decision to dismiss should be considered by the Verkhovna Rada. The President does not take criticism Gontareva. Key accomplishments include calls — cleaning system from questionable banks, accumulation of gold and foreign exchange reserves. All this could not happen without creativity. Regarding successors, then they are.

“I have several candidates, but no I had not discussed them with representatives of the Verkhovna Rada, I think it is not correct to disclose their names. But I proceed from the criterion of professionalism and patriotism. I am sure that Ukraine has enough such candidates,” — said Poroshenko.

Awkward questions — they were. Son, a new role of the wife of the President as the leading TV channel of Renat Akhmetov and profit. Namely, almost 27 million. The President says — his activity is not connected. The requirement of the NBU is to increase reserves, the Bank was liquid. To sell its banking business the President says, not yet.

“Why don’t we have to present it abroad? Because it is necessary to change the registration, Ukrainian residents in a blind trust do not take” — he said.

Among his main achievements Poroshenko calls bezviz, strengthening its positions in the international arena, the commencement of trials against Russia, reducing the number of attempted attacks on the Donbass. Will run for a second term — even think about it.

Communication with journalists lasted about two hours. Managed to answer two dozen questions. Good-bye, just like last year, the President again promised to meet with journalists more often.

Correspondents TSN.Tyzhden Ivan Grebenyuk, Liudmila Badalyan, Andrew Marchenko and Andrey Postaviti.