The militants were taken new positions in the grey area close to the Sands

In the area ATO Ukrainian troops thwarted another attempt of the militants to move forward.

The terrorists were taken new positions in the grey area near the settlement Sands, the press center of staff ATO.

It is noted that the militants first opened fire with all small arms, and then began to work the enemy artillery, under cover of which they went on the offensive.

“Our paratroopers were ready for this and opened return fire from small arms and grenade launchers. Entering into a gray area, enemy units felt a strong resistance and stopped – another aggressive attack was stopped”, – stated in the message.

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The unit commander of the paratroopers with the call sign “Fan” said that the enemy always fired at positions of forces of anti-terrorist operation after “hibernation” further intensified. Now the militants actively carry out engineering works and equip the positions, and three days ago as a result of enemy mortar shelling three Ukrainian paratroopers were injured.

“We are fulfilling the Minsk agreement and the first fire never open. Only when there is a real threat to the lives of our soldiers, forced to suppress the enemy fire. Use only legal caliber,” – said “Fan”.

In addition, he added that the enemy constantly uses for reconnaissance drones, and at night, the vigilance of Marines check a sabotage group.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the Water village in the South of Donetsk region, the militants once again fired at from krupnokalibernogo weapons. The military said that the activity of occupants excites only civilians and join the new army wanting to defend their own land from the enemy. Marines who hold the Fort to the East and North of Mariupol, saying the increased capacity of the shelling and targeted attacks on civilians. Water fell more than 90 heavy 18-pound mines is prohibited 120mm. According to the military, terrorists fired not at random – over the scene, circling drone.