Poroshenko barely holding back tears during a speech about the signing of bezveza of Ukraine with the EU

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko tried to hold back tears during his speech after the signing of the agreement on visa liberalization between Ukraine and the EU.

“Ukraine back into the European family. Ukraine says goodbye for the last time with the Soviet and Russian empires. Ukraine is determined to continue the process of reforming the country. Just for the sake of visa liberalization, we have implemented 144 reforms and are determined to continue this process”, – said the President.

We will note, today, may 17, held a historic signing of a visa-free regime for Ukraine with the EU.

Currently there was only one formal step – five days the document must be published in the journal of the European Union. 20 days after that, approximately June 11, visa-free regime for Ukrainians will come into force. Important — it concerns only short trips, does not give the right to live and work in the EU.