The IMF urged the Ukrainian government to provide the NEB the right to listen to suspects in corruption

The international monetary Fund appealed to the Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groisman with a call to give the NEB the right to conduct covert investigative actions.

This is stated in the appeal of the head of the IMF mission Ron van Rooden, told “European truth”, which was a copy of the letter dated may 15.

“We would strongly encourage the introduction of the bill, which allows the NEB to undertake independent listening, as it was agreed (with representatives of the Ukrainian authorities), until the end of may,” the letter reads.

Note, currently for secret bugging of suspects NABOO should ask SBU about going to court.

In addition, the mission of the International monetary Fund warned that the adoption of bill No. 6220, according to which the code of criminal procedure plan to change so that NABOO would be deprived of the opportunity to investigate corruption charges against high-ranking officials “would be contrary to the obligation of the leadership (of Ukraine)”, “can seriously undermine the effectiveness of the system of combating corruption” and “will not meet the IMF program”.

In this regard, the mission of the Foundation is asking the Prime Minister “to help keep legislation in line with the policy outlined in the Memorandum (IMF)”.

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