Suddenly, the militants shelled residential sector Shirokino and Berdyansk

The evening of 18 may , the militants shelled a residential sector on the Eastern edge of the village of Berdyansk on the seaside area.

About it informs the press center of staff ATO in Facebook.

They applied the Minsk agreements prohibited weapons of large caliber.

“As a result of falling shells completely destroyed two houses on the street Sea, several buildings suffered serious damage. The result of system attacks by armed opposition groups along the street, almost was not a whole household at home”, – stated in the message.

Later were fired at a residential sector of the village Shirokino. The details of the destruction in the area investigated, the result of both attacks none of the civilians was not injured.

As a result of shelling, two houses and three cars in Berdyansk burned down completely, and about ten houses was the destruction of varying degrees. After this incident, attacks to the village was not.

The last time the village of Berdyansk was fired in June 2015.

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