The court ordered PrivatBank to return more than 1 billion UAH the family of Surkis

The family of Surkis sued “PrivatBank” 1,048 billion, of 266.2 thousand dollars and 8 thousand euros.

The corresponding decision on may 17 made the District administrative court of Kyiv, Ukrainian news.

The lawsuit was filed by Igor, Gregory, Rachel (father of Igor and Gregory), Marina (daughter of Igor), Svetlana (daughter of Gregory) Surkis and Paulina Kowalik (wife of Gregory). They asked to cancel the decision of the National Bank of Ukraine, which was recognized by the insiders “PrivatBank”.

From the materials of the court, it follows that Ihor Surkis had in “PrivatBank” account 151 million hryvnia, Paulina Kowalik – 514,1 million, Surkis – 163,1 million hryvnia, Marina Surkis – 174,5 mln hryvnia, Rachel Surkis, 44.8 million hryvnias.

They also demanded the return to them of 266.2 thousand dollars and 8 thousand euros missing interest on deposits.

May 17, the District administrative court of Kiev recognized illegal and cancelled the contested decision of the NBU, as well as orders of a temporary administrator “PrivatBank”, which related accounts of physical persons. The court ruled in favor of the family of Surkis these amounts.

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The former owners of “PrivatBank” may appeal the decision to nationalize the media

We will remind, on the nationalization of “PrivatBank” became known late in the evening of 18 December. On 21 December, the institution officially became a state property. The Ministry of Finance bought “PrivatBank” Deposit guarantee Fund of natural persons for a symbolic one hryvnia.

The transition period lasted for 72 hours. On December 19 the head of the NBU Valeria Gontareva said that “Privat” is classified as insolvent. According to her, the Bank’s capital deficit was 116 billion UAH, and 97% of the corporate loan portfolio was distributed to companies related to shareholders. This “hole”, the state plans to close the bond issue Treasury bonds.

Former top managers of the Bank refuted the claims of the NBU in the presence of holes 148 billion. “The Bank worked fine, and was able to work on. Mythical holes are all the result of the change in accounting policy of the national Bank, who stopped to take account of those liens, which we had and which were taken into account”, – said the former Chairman of the Board of PrivatBank Alexander Dubilet.

Meanwhile, the first nationalization “PrivatBank” commented the former co-owner Igor Kolomoisky.