“Helicopters will continue to fly”: Lutsenko announced the continuation of operations against the ex-tax

Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko told that a large-scale operation against the former tax officials of times of Victor Yanukovych was prepared for almost a year, at least eight months was the preparation for their detention.

“We carefully gathered evidence, we have the conclusion of the examination, we have on hand there are lots of documents, and the final decision was to detain several dozen senior officials of the Tax systems in the time of Yanukovich. We managed to prevent the leakage of information. We managed to make everything coordinated, the helicopters we needed to catch to go to court for arrest,” – said Lutsenko on air of the talk show “Right to Vlad,” on channel 1+1.

The attorney General added that “the cost of these helicopters is less than 0.2% of the arrested property of the suspects.”

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Lutsenko also said that outraged by the decisions of the court, who chose the soft measure of restraint to detained ex-tax.

“Judges have all the possibilities, if not to arrest them, then at least to determine adequate collateral. Let the man whose house it was found in a bag 3.8 million USD bail of 15 million UAH, it seems to me inappropriate,” – said the head of the GPU.

Yuri Lutsenko says that all the 23 suspects will receive indictments, which will be sent to the court. He added that the 32 persons who had held high positions during the reign of Yanukovych, are already in court. 16 ex-officials have already been convicted. “Neither will these,” said the Prosecutor General.

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“It’s not the end of the operation. The helicopters will fly. Perhaps even more than the day”, – assured Yuriy Lutsenko.

We will remind, the Pechersky regional court of Kiev released on bail in the amount of 15 million hryvnia, the former head of the State tax administration in Luhansk region Alexander Antipov.

The former head of the State tax administration in Poltava region Vladimir ZADOROZHNY, detained during large-scale anti-corruption operation on may 24, was released into the wild. The Pechersky district court of Kiev decided to appoint ZADOROZHNY preventive measure not involving detention.

Two Kyiv tax officers, ex-Chairpersons of the regional offices of the tax Inspectorate, allowed out on bail of $ 1 million, and former head of the tax Podolsk district Alexey Yaroshenko, who is accused of cooperation and participation in schemes of Yanukovych, was released from the courtroom on personal recognizance without the bracelet.

Note that large-scale anti-corruption operation was conducted by the Prosecutor General and the interior Ministry. After the search was arrested 23 former high regional officials of the Ministry of income and fees from the Eastern and southern regions, as well as Kiev. On this worked together 1700 police officers and five prosecutors.