Enemy fire from heavy artillery and two wounded soldiers. How was the day in the area ATO

The past day the situation in the ATO zone was restless, but controlled, fighters 61 times opened fire on the offices of the armed forces of Ukraine. This is stated in the press center of staff ATO.

In the fighting, two Ukrainian soldiers were injured.

So, the Maritime sector , there were 34 instances of the use of weapons against Ukrainian soldiers by illegal armed groups.

“In particular, after 18: 00 yesterday, the militants have carried out several attacks with average intensity of 120-mm mortars at our fortifications in the area of Shirokino and Chermalyk. Violations by the enemy of the agreements on the nonuse of weapons occurred near Pavlopol, Lebedinsky, Water and Hnutove, where criminals repeatedly used various samples of small arms and grenade launchers. The same weapons the enemy had fired from the vicinity of the temporarily occupied Donetsk on the fortifications of the ATO forces on the outskirts of Marinka and Krasnogorovka,” – said in the message.

At the Donetsk direction terrorists opened fire 19 times. The enemy often beaten on the Ukrainian positions on the southern and Eastern suburbs of Avdeevka. “Dnrovtsy” fired from mortars, often of caliber of 82 mm grenade launchers of various modifications, heavy machine guns and small arms. Under fire from 82-mm mortars hit and strongholds APU near Verhneuralskogo. Near the Trinity, the militants opened fire from 120-mm mortars. In addition, the evening of 26 may, Pro-Russian gangs were firing from grenade launchers and small arms near the Sands.

In Lugansk direction there were 8 cases of use of firearms by representatives of the Russian-terrorist groups. Almost half of them was in the evening. Near the Crimean enemy was hitting fortifications, fighters of anti-terrorist operation from mortars of various calibers, APCS, grenade launchers and small arms.

As previously reported, in Krasnogorovka militants in their usual style, has congratulated Ukrainian children with the completion of the school year. Shell invaders came to school on the day of the celebration of the last call.