In the capital public transport will change the route from celebrating the day of Kyiv

On 28 and 29 may, in connection with the celebration of Kiev Day, includes changes to public transport.

It is reported, the Kyivpastrans.

27 may 2017 at the time of the athletic event “KyivEuroMarathon 2017” route: NSC “Olimpiyskiy” – the street – Shota Rustaveli street – St. zhilyans’ka – Velyka Vasylkivska street (street Ivan Curls) – Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya – St. PE – NSC “Olimpiyskiy”, roughly from 8 h to 15h. 30 min. is amended and organized buses of routes №5, 20 and trolley routes №1,12,40 changes, namely:

– bus route number 5 in the direction of the train station from Izyum street to street street via the existing route, further – malevicha str, street, Tarasovskaya, further along the current route;

bus route No. 20 from the residential area Korchevatoe metro station “Lybidska”;

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– a trolleybus route №1 from St. Marshall metro station “Lybidska”;

– a trolleybus route No. 12 on plots from the street Smolich metro station “Lybidskaya” and from the train station to the Botanical garden (on a trolleybus route №14 “Botanical garden”);

– trolley buses of a route №40 from St. Kadetskiy gay to street Volgograd. Additionally, for the period changes in the operation of trolley buses of a route №40 organized bus route 40TR (roughly 8 hours. up to 16 hours.) on the route “Railway array – Zhilyanskaya street”, track: street Volgograd – street – St. Protasov Yar – Ivana Fedorova street – street street – Tarasovskaya – Zhilyanskaya str – Antonovicha – Ivana Fedorova street – St. Protasov Yar street – street Volgograd.

At the time of the athletic event “Kyiv Marathon Euro 2017” cancelled stop “the NSC “Olympic” on Zhilyanskaya street to trolleybus routes №3,12,14,40 and buses of route 40TR,69.