“The procedure was some sort of opaque”: Sytnik criticized the appointment of auditor of NABOO in BP

The Director of the National anti-corruption Bureau Artem Sytnik said that the scandal with the appointment of the auditor of NABOO from the Verkhovna Rada arose from the imperfection of the selection procedure.

According to him, the procedure was opaque, writes “Ukrainian truth”.

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“It (Nigel brown – ed.) such a badge (“a creature of Poroshenko” – ed.) was not, as far as I know. I am often asked why it happened, that was such a scandal. My opinion is that the scandal was not due to some names, and due to the fact that the procedure was kind of opaque and a little wrong that there were such attempts to appoint that auditor. Therefore, there was such a reaction. Because there was a contest, fed people, was the winner of this contest. It was recommended to vote in the hall”, – said the head of NABOO.

In addition, Sytnik said that the main thing in the course of audit of NABOO, the legitimacy of the decision.

“We are not saying that is what we do. I’m sure that maybe some comments in the course of the audit will be. The question is not only for us but also for the entire anti-corruption reforms – to the conclusion of this audit, either negative or positive, to this conclusion were legitimate, that there was no doubt as to the objectivity of this conclusion. But if, sorry, man comes and can’t explain where it came from, but knows that we are all bad, well…” – said Sytnik.

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Sitnic also commented on the possibility of his resignation: “How is it possible to exclude? The negative conclusion of the audit, the resignation? Probably will take the law and eliminate, as in Romania. The constitutional Court declared unconstitutional their Agency with integrity and eliminated. I do not rule out that we have this can be. What the constitutional Court will address the constitutional claim: “I Ask to declare the law unconstitutional on NABOO”. Such variants are many,” he said.

We will remind, on March 16, the Verkhovna Rada put on the agenda the question of selection of the auditor of the National anti-corruption Bureau – in the session hall did not have enough votes.

Earlier, the head of the anti-corruption Committee of the Parliament Yegor Sobolev is not allowed to consider on the Committee of a candidate for the office of the auditor NABOO Nigel brown, because he was “discovered manipulation of the document of the Parliament to promote Mr. brown.” Sobolev also accused brown of having links with the Russian oligarchs. 13 MPs to bypass the Chairman of the Committee met and voted for candidates.

Brown’s opponents say that with his help they want to replace him as Chairman of the NAB Artem Sytnik. Those who voted “for,” say the two approved candidates, except for the brown, and even the inspector General of the justice Department Robert Storch, which actually acts Sobolev.

It is noteworthy that the Pro-presidential faction “BPP” stands for the candidature of Nigel brown.

On March 21, Parliament once again failed to elect the auditor of NABOO from the two candidates – Robert Storch and Nigel brown. In ranked voting, which gives a chance to vote for the appointment, was won by the Nigel brown. But voting for the appointment votes for him is not enough – only 200 for it.

Parubiy sent the question on candidates for revision to the Committee for the prevention of corruption.