Despite the “silence regime”, the militants fired at the Ukrainian fighters. Digest ATO

Despite previous agreements on compliance for today, June 1, the “regime of silence”, the militants still have not stopped to use weapons against the units of ATO forces.

About this Facebook informs the press center of staff ATO.

From the beginning of the day 9 times militants opened fire on the fortifications of the Ukrainian defenders. In particular, once beat of the Minsk agreements prohibited weapons. From the beginning of days of losses among the Ukrainian soldiers was not.

Coastal areas. On this front recorded the most violations of gangs of conditions of non-use of weapons. So, for about two o’clock in the morning soldiers of the armed forces of Ukraine in the area of Pavlopol was fired by the enemy sniper. During the day the snipers opened fire in the area of Water and Marinka. And Ukrainian strongholds near Chermalyk the enemy twice fired from mortars, in particular of the Minsk agreements prohibited caliber 120 mm. in addition, near Shirokino bandits before dawn opened fire from heavy anti-tank grenade launcher.

The direction of Donetsk. In this part of the line of contact during the day was quiet.

Lugansk direction. Here militants fired three fortifications armed forces of Ukraine near Crimson from grenade launchers of various modifications and small arms.

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