Famous American pornographic actress confessed, told his parents about his profession

30-year-old porn actress ELA darling told about how difficult it was to tell parents about their profession. Reported by the Daily Star.

So, she got into the adult industry at the age of 22 after she received a master’s degree at the University. Prior to that she worked as an assistant librarian.

Today ELA is a legend in porn. She has worked for such companies as Filly Films, Homemade Media, and Girlfriends Films.

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However, she said that was in conflict with herself about how to tell the new parents. According to her, she was just ready to play in his first pornscene when they called her.

“It was a defining moment in my life: either I’ll be honest with your parents and the veil will fall, or I can and will lie to them in the next few years, and they probably know about it anyway,” said darling.

She was honest with them. At first the parents laughed, thinking she was joking, but when they realized she was serious, then expressed their support, which surprised her.

We will remind, earlier it was told about the pornographic actress who changed her piquant the work to the service of God.