While fire fighters were injured two people. Chronicle of the ATO

Militants continue shelling Ukrainian military positions and settlements in the ATO zone in the Donbas. For Saturday, June 3, the Ukrainian military counted 19 of the enemy’s attacks, during which were injured one soldier and a local resident in Krasnogorovka.

“The situation in the ATO area remains tense, but controlled by the Ukrainian defenders. Units of Russian-terrorist troops continue to use weapons, including prohibited by the Minsk agreements. Since the beginning of the day 19 fighters repeatedly opened fire on strong points of the Armed forces of Ukraine. A few enemy mines once again fell into the residential quarters of frontline settlement”, – stated in the summary of the press center of staff ATO.

The direction of Mariupol on the Eastern front remains the greatest challenge.

“In the first hours of the day illegal armed groups twice opened fire from 120-mm mortar shells at our strong points in the area of Bogdanovka. Subsequently, from 82-mm mortars fired at positions of ATO forces near Chermalyk, Water and Marinka. The same weapons the enemy after lunch two times opened fire on Ukrainian soldiers who hold the Fort near Krasnogorovka. During attack several enemy mines again got into the living quarters of this settlement. One exploded in the yard of the local school №1 in microdistrict solar. Two mines exploded near a house in the alley East. Wounded a local resident. The victim was hospitalized,” – stated in the headquarters of ATO.

The militants also opened fire from grenade launchers and small arms around Novotroitsk, Water and Chermalyk.

In Donetsk direction during the day under the fire fighters were fortifications of the ATO forces in the suburbs of Avdeevka. The militants, in particular, opened fire from 120-mm mortars, grenade launchers of various modifications and small arms of various calibres. In the same direction toward evening the rebels were beaten from hand-held antitank grenade launchers and small arms at one of the strongholds of ATO forces near Nevel.

On the Lugansk direction militants before dawn and opened fire from heavy machine guns in the area of Novoaleksandrovka. After lunch from the automatic easel grenade launchers fired at Ukrainian fortifications near the Crimean. Such as grenade launchers and APCS, around 17:00 fired soldiers of the armed forces of Ukraine, which keep the defense near Novozvanovka.