Four wounded soldiers and complication of the situation. Digest ATO

The situation in the area of ATO again deteriorated on individual parts of the contact line of the Russian-terrorist gangs has significantly increased intensity and density of fire.

This reports the press center of the ATO headquarters in the social network Facebook.

In particular, over the past day, 5 June, in the fighting four Ukrainian defenders was injured.

It is noted that more and more militants during attacks used heavy artillery weapons, including one-time and reactive systems of volley fire. For the past day Pro-Russian militant groups 77 times opened fire on positions of ATO forces, and once again shelled residential areas in frontline settlements.

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Coastal areas. On this front recorded the most enemy attacks – 39. For the first time in the last few days militants used multiple rocket launcher systems fire. It happened in the area of Bogdanovka. There the enemy simultaneously beat on our positions from 120-mm mortars. In the same direction from 120-mm mortars gangs were firing at the Ukrainian soldiers who hold the Fort near Chermalyk and Krasnogorovka. In addition, near Chermalyk mercenaries used artillery caliber of 122 mm. yesterday was Troubled and close to the Water, Shirokino, Pavlopol, Novotroitsk, Gotovogo, Malacky and Marinka, where the enemy repeatedly launched attacks on the strongholds of the Ukrainian armed forces with small arms, rocket-propelled grenades and 82-mm mortars

In the same direction yesterday, there were three shelling the enemy residential areas of settlements. On the morning of 2 enemy mines fell near houses in Krasnogorovka. Later several artillery shells of the enemy exploded in the residential sector Pavlopolya. And around 21.00 hours, the invaders from the easel anti-tank grenade hit on a peaceful street Marinka. Fortunately, as a result of these attacks, none of the civilians suffered.

The direction of Donetsk. Here illegal armed groups 26 times opened fire on Ukrainian soldiers. Hot is in the suburbs of the Town, where the militants have systematically led to strengthening of the forces ATO heavy fire from mortars of caliber of 120 mm and 82 mm, tank guns and less powerful infantry weapons. In addition, prohibited from mortars and arms of the tank occupants hit on our strong points close to the Sands. Unrest was also in the area Zaytsevy, Novgorod, Verhneuralskogo, feedback, and Nevel. By the way, during an enemy bombardment our fortifications near Verhneuralskogo one of the mines of calibre of 82 mm exploded closer to the residential sector, resulting in injuries suffered by a local resident.

Lugansk direction. Intensified past day the enemy and the line of contact. Yesterday, Pro-Russian gangs from 120-mm mortars several times fired at the Ukrainian armed forces soldiers who hold the Fort in the Crimean, Kryakovka and Novomoskovskoe. Also our fortifications near krymske came under enemy fire from 122-mm artillery. In addition, the militants from time to time used small arms and rocket-propelled grenades near the village of Lugansk, Donets station, Novoaleksandrovka and Popasnaya. Near Novooleksandrivka also recorded the militants use mortars 82 mm