Scientists know what the water tastes

University of California researchers found out that H20 has a wonderful smell and the other a sour taste, reports the Independent.

So, the researchers explained that water can be considered as the sixth taste after sweet, sour, pungent, spicy, salty.

According to associate Professor of biology Yuki’s Eyes, the ability to savor the water is no coincidence, and our language really feels fluid.

“Language can recognize various key flavor factors: nitrates, sugar, amino acids, but the way we feel water in my mouth was unknown,” the scientist said.

During the study, researchers controlled the tongues of the mice when they drank the water, and learned that the sensitive sensors on the tongue was sour.

“Most insects is known to “drink” the water, so we presented that in mammals can also be the sensor in the taste system to detect water,” – said the scientist.

To prove that sour cells led to the identification of water, a team of scientists have used the technique of optogenetics, which can stimulate acid cells with light instead of water.

Water bottles for drinking of animals was replaced by the blue light. Scientists discovered that the mouse went to the water, faced with light and “drank” it. And although in fact there was no water, they continued to “drink” the blue light source, because it signaled to them about the presence of water.

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