And we have “Peter I” opened a window to Europe. Reaction of social networks for bezviz

At 00:00 on Sunday, June 11, earned a visa-free regime of Ukraine with the European Union.

Thus, dozens of Ukrainians have already experienced bezviz myself and shared on the Network experience of their first border crossing with the EU without the bureaucratic hassle.

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Passports, money, insurance policies and personal experience. The most important of bitwise

In turn, social media users are actively discussing a historical event, greeting each other. TSN. ua decided to collect the reaction of social networks to join in the action bezveza for Ukrainians.

Hope the “iron curtain” fell forever

#btvs om you, Ukraine

— Black cherry (@Cherries_UP) 10 Jun 2017

Farewell, unwashed Muscovy! With the beginning of besso, Ukrainians, with the return of the native, the European hut! #Poroshenko #bizwiz

— djoel (@djoeldd) 10 Jun 2017

Congratulations to all the #bizwiz . It is really very very cool. A signal to the world that Ukraine is a European state.

— News of Daunbass (@daunbass) 10 Jun 2017

#Btvs Thanks to those who realized the dream of Ukraine! The bright memory of those who Zagirov for our freedom . I bow to those who protect us today!

— Larissa Sheremet (@LarrySheremet17) 11 Jun 2017

Today a real holiday. Especially for those who months ago made a Schengen. #bizwiz #btvs

Ukrainian hryvnia (@uahrivna) 11 Jun 2017

People come to brodal:

Sports, Hiking, profession…

because You’re the sucker, pedal

You now session! #super #Rome #studlife #loser #btvs

— ClostridiumBotulinum (@RelentlessUA) 11 Jun 2017