“It brings us together”: how congratulated Ukrainians with the European policy bezveza

European politicians congratulated Ukraine on the beginning of a visa-free regime with EU countries.

TSN.ia collected statements of European politicians on historical events.

In particular, the High representative of the Union for foreign Affairs and security policy Federica Mogherini made the video on the occasion of the entry into force of the visa-free regime between Ukraine and the European Union, which is published in the Twitter of the European Commission.

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“Today we broke the barrier between Ukrainians and citizens of EU countries. No more visas for short trips between our countries. We did it and we did it together,” said Mogherini.

She also added that this creates new opportunities.

“Ukraine has implemented reforms to its citizens, which we requested, and we in the European Union kept its promises. This is what we call a win-win solution. This creates new opportunities for all of us, strengthens our economy, security and our friendship”, – said Mogherini.

Today, we bring down a barrier between the people of #Ukraine and the people of the EU. No more visa for short trips between our countries. pic.twitter.com/hVuF7vjK04

— European Commission (@EU_Commission) 11 Jun 2017

Also with the onset of bezveza Ukraine congratulated the President of the European Council Donald Tusk.

“The day that will be remembered. Visa-free travel for Ukrainians, have become a reality. It brings us together,” wrote Tusk in his Twitter.

In turn, the Ambassador of Swiss Confederation in Ukraine Guillaume Seurer said that after the introduction of a visa-free regime with the European Union and other countries of the Schengen zone to Ukraine can be sent to Kiev Princess Anna Yaroslavna, in order to join the European family.

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“I wanted to mention that today is a significant date, June 11, and it is a very strange coincidence… I am very happy that today Ukraine can go to Anne of Kiev, who first went to Europe, to join and go for it, and worthy to join the European family,” said Seurer.

Agreed with him the Ambassador of the French Republic Isabelle Dumont, who called the introduction of a visa-free regime an important occasion. She said btvs creates a “free access to Europe with all its values.”

“I hope that the celebration of La Francophonie, as well as free access of Ukrainians to Europe visa – free regime will give us the opportunity once more to enjoy today, and that Ukrainians will be able to go from today in a free and Francophone Europe,” said Dumont.

However, canadian Ambassador Roman Vashchuk reminded that although Ukraine has bezveza with Canada, but this summer entered a zone of free trade between countries.

Earlier, TSN.ia gathered in the infographic all that Ukrainians need to know about the visa-free regime with the EU where to go, how to apply for a biometric passport and how much money you must have to cross the border of any country.