In Ukraine, prices soared for meat, eggs and cabbage

During the first ten days of June in Ukraine by a third and more expensive eggs and cabbage. A little added in the price of meat, bacon, onion, oil, rice, and cooked sausage.

“At this rate of growth in food prices possible wage increase announced by the government will only be able to compensate for the price increase, which will not affect the level of real purchasing power. At the same time to pay for a meal you have today. A significant increase in food prices last year occurred on the eve of the experiment in the abolition of state regulation of prices for social products, as well as during its operation. The may rise in prices for the first ten days of June talking about the same trend – the state is eliminated from the performance of its functions and receive a significant food inflation. How not cool, and borscht and dumplings at the same wage will have to cook less. And promises of improving the porridge will not do,” – says the head of the Association of retail suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko.

The dynamics of the value of products in Ukraine in the first decade of June 2017


Dynamics of prices

New average price


plus 4 UAH per kg (42%)

13, 5 UAH per kg

A dozen eggs

plus 3.5 UAH (34%)

13,5 UAH


plus 3.5 UAH (4%)

91 UAH per kg


plus 1.8 UAH (1,8%)

102 UAH per kg


plus-1.4 UAH (3,4%)

43,5 UAH per kg

Cooked sausage

plus 0.5 UAH (0,7%)

66 UAH per kg


plus-1.4 UAH (14%)

10,7 UAH per kg

Sunflower oil

plus 0.4 UAH (1,2%)

33,2 UAH per liter


plus 0.4 UAH (2,2%)

18 UAH per kg


minus 0.6 UAH (2,2%)

26 UAH per kg


minus 1 UAH (0,7%)

Of 139.7 UAH per kg

Data: State statistics service of Ukraine.