Kiev is preparing a premiere of the ballet “For two hares”

In the capital preparing for the premiere of the ballet performance “For two hares”. To make costumes, sets and write the music for metaphorical play took three years, says the story TSN.16:45.

Composer Yuri Shevchenko worked on brand identity in the music of folk tunes. “I wanted the viewer to recognize her. He would be disappointed if he will not hear those familiar tones,” he says about the verses Golokhvastov.

Video settings in Kiev for the first time the play “chasing two hares” will be turned into a ballet

TSN. 16:45

Today, 17:23

Pronya Prokopovna to put Pointe shoes ballet master Victor Litvinov. Decorations will be in particular printed on silk works of Maria Pryimachenko. “To dance ballet in such suits will not be easy – in the literal sense. One skirt made of linen with many stripes weighs less than two kilograms,” says the artist.

“Rabbit” unfolds in front of reporters theatrical artist Anna Ipatiev is the author of all images. “The beginning of the suit of the mystical hare. The metaphorical play will be a lot of metaphors and allegories, you will need to look out for,” she warns.