Leather lingerie and celebrity masks: how Britain was the largest sex-party

One of the most beautiful homes of Britain held its annual sex festival that brought together actors, stars of show business, television and sports.

This was reported by The Sun.

Private sex party held in a luxury country house which paid rich secret admirer.

The ticket price was about 2000 pounds (67 thousand hryvnias).

Beautiful and adventurous Swingers showed a sex scene in a leather expensive lingerie.

The rules at the party were severe: a mobile phone left for guests at the entrance, everyone was given a mask, it was forbidden to take photos and videos.

In addition, all visitors were required not to disclose the party details and guest names.

Recall last summer in Spain presledovali the yacht on which the gilded youth arranged an Orgy near the Islands of Ibiza and Mallorca in the Mediterranean sea. Law enforcement also searched for drugs and checked the crew for sobriety. As a result, the violators were fined and forbidden to go to sea.