Savchenko is already thinking how to cancel Poroshenko signed a law on pre-trial detention

The people’s Deputy Nadezhda Savchenko commented on the President’s endorsement of the law “On amendments to the criminal code of Ukraine on the rules of summation of punishments and transfer of the term of the previous imprisonment”, which actually cancels the “law of Savchenko”.

This MP said on air of channel “112 Ukraine”.

Savchenko believes that the President is to sign the law abolishing “of Savchenko’s law” could veto it and propose to amend the initial law in order to balance its norms.

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Poroshenko has signed the repeal of the controversial “law Savchenko”

The MP said that he appealed to the authority of the President to veto the amendments to the criminal code and to amend the “law Savchenko”.

“I appealed to the presidential administration Filatov and Kovalchuk. Of course, they didn’t have time to take me personally, but in their Secretariat, I said that they invited the President to veto this law and to propose changes that I developed with the office of the Ombudsman and the Union of advocates of Kiev. We have developed modifications which could make the “law Savchenko” balanced that really would work to protect the rights of people”, — said Nadezhda Savchenko.

Videobr canceled “Savchenko’s law”, which allowed to be released thousands of criminals

TSN. 19:30

18 may, 20:36

Currently Savchenko is going to discuss with the Commissioner for human rights and the deputies the possibility of the cancellation of the decision of the President. In addition, it intends to prepare a law which will aim to balance the justice system.

“The Ombudsman may submit to the constitutional court to cancel the decision of the President as unconstitutional, 45 deputies may submit such application to the constitutional court. In principle, I will speak with the deputies and the Ombudsman and are also going to prepare a law that could help people and justice to make the system balanced, and not what we used 25 years in Ukraine,” — said Savchenko.

We will remind, on June 16, Poroshenko has signed the law “On amendments to the criminal code of Ukraine concerning the rules of addition of punishments and the enrollment period preceding the conclusion of” No. 2046-VIII. This document effectively revokes the controversial part of the “law of Savchenko”.

The Verkhovna Rada on Thursday, may 18, considered changes in the “law Savchenko”. Held a roll-call vote on the consideration under the abbreviated procedure of the draft Law on amendments to the criminal code of Ukraine (concerning the principle of addition of punishments and the enrollment period of the previous conclusion) No. 5534. For the abolition of the controversial parts voted 174 MP.

Then the people’s Deputy Hope Savchenko appealed to President Poroshenko with a demand to veto the abolition of the “law Savchenko” regarding the rules of addition of punishments and the enrollment period of the previous conclusions, citing the violation of the Constitution.