Rawfoodist on hunger strike after Berezyuk

Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Oksana Rawfoodist announced a hunger strike in solidarity with his party members Oleg Berezyuk.

Speaking from the rostrum of the Parliament Vice-speaker said that many of them devalues the act of Berezyuk.

“You lied then when he promised to abolish, and change election law that allowed the President to concentrate power… You lied 25 years old when he promised to limit parliamentary immunity. You promised to investigate the crimes of the Maidan, but you are afraid to go ourselves. You promised blind trust, but the people saw the light after seeing your Declaration”, – quotes its a quote by UNIAN.

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Raw foodists added that now the authorities intend “to discuss the de-occupation of the Ukrainian territory by the occupier.”

“I want to support Oleg Berezyuk, and I join him, I’ll be there with him to starve in order to try to protect people from tyranny,” said Rawfoodist.

She urged residents of the city to unite their efforts and to appeal to the President to dismiss the head of the regional administration, “which was completed and issued criminal orders, humiliating the dignity of citizens of Lviv.”

We will remind, on June 19 announced a hunger strike, the leader of the “samopomich” faction in the Verkhovna Rada Oleg Berezyuk. He protested above all against the “mockery of Lviv” – a garbage siege. The politician spent the night under the AP building and vowed to consume only water.

Videoreg bereziuk on a hunger strike until the decision of Lviv garbage

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