The Ambassador of Hungary is afraid of the oppression of national minorities in Ukraine due to the new language laws

Certain changes in the legislation of Ukraine on state language may limit the rights of national minorities. This was stated by the Ambassador of Hungary in Ukraine Erno Keskeny, Interfax reported.

He expressed hope that the new bills will not be accepted.

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“We are concerned that there is a process that will not expand and will reduce the rights of national minorities on the territory of Ukraine. It affects the education of the language law. (…) If these bills are adopted, unfortunately, they will reduce the rights of national minorities. We hope that these new bills, in the end, will not be accepted “, – said the Ambassador.

Keskin noted that changes in legislation are of concern not only Hungarians but also other minorities living in Ukraine, in particular, poles, Bulgarians, Romanians, Slovaks.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the results of the study 90.6% of people living in Ukraine identified themselves as Ukrainians.

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