The military carried out a TSN on reclaimed from the militants positions near Avdeevka

Constant intense fighting is taking place near Avdeevka near Donetsk. Every night the Pro-Russian mercenaries are trying to regain control over the lost positions, even in the winter, says the story TSN.19:30.

The Ukrainian military to be proactive – as soon as the enemy begins sighting. The speed of response is explained by the audacity of the enemy – if not in time to fight back, firing militant activity only increase. To the extent that on their side will be a tank and start to run direct fire. “Lately it’s very rare, because only a start, we already prepared”, – said the fighter nicknamed “Fima”.

Videos every night to defend conquered positions in Avdeevka

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:50

Adventures on the front lines occur daily, people say his colleagues. One of them is a soldier with the Callsign “Malysh”. He signed a contract with the APU, when he was 18 years old. Was a lot of hot spots of the front, and now knows exactly what he is lacking in the war. “Someone to help charge the shops, and then a little uncomfortable myself,” – says the fighter.

As reported, the Donbass was detained by the Russian military, which allegedly got lost on Ukrainian territory. The journalists in Kramatorsk Donetsk region, said the major-General, Deputy head of the ATO Oleksandr Razmaznin. He has not announced neither the number nor the ranks of the security forces. The incident occurred on June 18.

The TSN reporter Mariana Buhan