Ukraine introduces duties on Russian chocolate

In Ukraine introduced antidumping measures against Russian chocolate for a period of five years.

It is reported Uriadovy courier.

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The interdepartmental international trade Commission found that Russian producers have caused significant harm to national producers, in particular, decreased volumes of production (by 7.63 %) decreased sales in the domestic market of Ukraine (of 20.85 %), there was a significant deterioration in financial results from the sale of goods on the domestic market of Ukraine (on of 63.36 %), decreased profitability of sales in the domestic market (by 26.42 %), decreased capacity utilization (6,07 %), increased inventory (by 23.77 %), there was a reduction in the number of employees, involved in the production of goods (by 11.06 %);

“During the study period (2013-2015) the dumped imports into Ukraine of certain types of chocolate and other finished food products with cocoa content originating from the Russian Federation were carried out at prices which were below the prices of domestic producers and prevented a significant increase in the prices of such goods”, – stated in the message.

On this Ukraine imposes anti-dumping duty against imports of goods from the Russian Federation in the amount 31,33 %.

Recall that three Ukrainian confectionery Corporation Roshen, Konti Group, AVK – entered in the annual world ranking of Top 100 Candy Companies in 2017, but dropped it in comparison with the previous year.