Known American host Nude fight on the beach with model

American TV presenter of TV show “Naked news” Eila Adams put up a fight in the Nude from model Isabella Rossini, reports The Sun.

“Naked Boxing” between the girls walked on the beach. Both girls tried to show good shots and were convinced that all ethical standards are met.

The idea of fighting in the Nude was offered aylee Adams for the new edition of “Naked news,” which usually leading talk about current events in “what mother gave birth to the light”.

A woman accustomed to be naked for the show and says that she has nothing to hide.

Earlier, in London, brave model Kelly Kline walked along the main street Topless, torso painted in green, like this blouse. The girl wanted to check to see if people her bare Breasts. In less than 10 minutes minimum 19 strangers secretly ziroli over the naked Breasts of the beauty.